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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why SGI members are deprived of the Shakubuku Kyoten [Manual of Forced Conversion or Bible of Shakubuku edited by Daisaku Ikeda]

"The Daishonin's soul would never reside within a Gohonzon he inscribed but which is in the possession of those who commit the slander of turning their backs upon Fuji Taisekiji." -- Soka Gakkai Shakubuku Kyoten, p. 340

Because the Shakubuku Kyoten supports the Nichiren Shoshu and denounces the Soka Gakkai's own actions as heresies, SGI members are deprived the Manual of Forced Conversion.

Nichiren Shoshu mumbo jumbo

62. What is the meaning behind "sanction"?
In general, "sanction" means that the master gives his sanction to a disciple's enlightenment.  In Nichiren Shoshu, the object of worship that forms the basis of faith and practise is the Original Buddha's enlightenment and is the entity of the Buddha, so sanction for the Gohonzon itself is absolutely necessary.  According to Nichiren Shoshu, the sanctioning of the object of worship by the High Priest, who is the only person to be bequeathed the Daishonin's Buddhism, is what makes the attainment of Buddhahood possible, so an object of worship that does not have the High Priest's sanction is a "counterfeit object of worship" and worshipping it becomes the cause for falling into hell. It is also written in the Soka Gakkai "Shakubuku Kyoten (Shakubuku Manual)":
"In light of passages from 'On the Three Great Secret Laws' and 'TheTrue Object of Worship,' it is clearly understood that it is a tremendous mistake to worship an unsanctioned object of worship."  (p. 340)
[c. 1996, Nichiren Shoshu Temple]

SGI members too are ignorant and simple minded people

"Ignorant and simple-minded people have failed to look to the clear, correct dictates of the sutras and have vainly believed instead in the secret transmissions that have been orally handed down from master to disciple. Though they claim to be practicing the prayer of the 'Secret Law,' there is no real proof of its efficacy." -- Nichiren

Fact not fiction... Ikeda's stance on whaling

Ikeda is pro-whaling, arguing that whale meat is the staple of many Japanese.

The many and the few

"... the Two Dharmas of the Causal Practices and Effect [Virtues] of Lord Shakya are fully possessed in the Five Characters 'Myo ho ren ge kyo'; when we receive and keep these Five Characters He spontaneously yields and assigns [to us] the merits of those Causes and Effect" (Kanjin Honzon sho, STN, v. 1, 711).

"One receives because of faith; one keeps because of recalling." (Hokke mongu (Text Commentary on the Lotus Sutra) T.34.107c).

"The people who hear and receive this Sutra are many; the people who, as they have truly heard and received it, though great persecutions come, keep it in memory and do not forget it are few. To receive it is easy; to keep it is difficult. Therefore, attaining Buddhahood lies in keeping. The persons who would keep this Sutra keep it with the understanding that they shall encounter persecution.There is no doubt that 'They then will quickly obtain The Supreme Buddha Way' ["Chapter of the Jeweled Stupa"11 (T.9.34b)]. To recall 'Namu Myoho renge kyo' which is the Great Matter of the Buddhas of the Three Eras [Past, Present, and Future] we call 'keeping.' In the Sutra it says, '[We] shall guard and keep what the Buddha has entrusted.' ["Chapter of the Practices of Peaceful Joy"(T.9.36c)] Tendai Daishi says, 'One receives because of faith; one keeps because of recalling.' It also says,

"This Sutra is difficult to keep;
If there is one who keeps it even for short while,
I shall at once rejoice
And the Buddhas shall likewise do so' " 
["Chapter of the Jeweled Stupa" 11 (T.9.34b)] (Shijo dono gohenji, STN, v. 1, 894).

"Each person of Japan and so on to the Land of Han, the Yuezhi [India], and the whole of Jambudvipa, regardless of whether they have wisdom or have no wisdom, should uniformly abandon other matters and chant 'Namu Myoho renge kyo'" (Hoon sho, STN, v. 2, 1248).

Our copies of Nichiren Gohonzon "contain the power of evil spirits" according to Josei Toda

"We, ourselves, cannot produce the Gohonzon. Since it's the enlightened entity of Nichiren Daishonin **no one** has the authority other than the successive high priests who have been the sole heirs to the heritage of the True Law. We take no part in this. Therefore, the objects of worship inscribed by those in the Butsuryu and Minobu factions [of the Nichiren sect] are absolutely powerless. They are worthless because they are fake. In fact, they contain the power of evil spirits. That is why they are dangerous." Josei Toda, Daibyaku Renge, 98, p. 98.

"The time to attack is Now." -- SGI Kitano Memo

"Somebody goes over to Danto and starts a point, but we do nothing. A line or Danto group starts and we do nothing. It then increases- regional, registered by law - and if we still do nothing then a Temple will be built. Sensei says: "If you challenge evil, then you must decide the time and the place to destroy evil". Basically: Choose the 'place' while it is still relatively small, and this applies equally to the 'time', ie the time to attack is Now."

"In order to destroy the overseas strategies of the Nikken sect, I want to make a suggestion to all the representatives that we start a special SGI campaign against the Nikken sect starting today to last until the end of the Tozan of 100,000 people."-- Kitano Memo

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SGI's Boston Ikeda Center in light of Nichiren's Rissho Ankoku Ron [On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land]

Let's look, ponder, and analyze their "forums, themes, and thinkers" series as well as their peace, culture, and education videos in light of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. Can we find one mention of Namu Myoho renge kyo, Gohonzon, or Kaiden? Can we find one instance of remonstrance of Christianity, Provisional Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or Judiasm? Can we find one mention of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin in the millions of words written and spoken?

They are putting the cart before the horse. Even a six year old is aware of the problems facing humanity. Efforts to create awareness of the problems is hardly the means for eradicating them, let alone lamenting about humanity's lack of awareness. Nichiren Daishonin teaches:

"But despite all these efforts, they merely exhaust themselves in vain. Famine and epidemics rage more fiercely than ever, beggars are everywhere in sight, and scenes of death fill our eyes. Corpses pile up in mounds like observation platforms, and dead bodies lie side by side like planks on a bridge."

Nichiren goes on to say:

"I have pondered the matter carefully with what limited resources I possess, and have looked a little at the scriptures for an answer. The people of today all turn their backs upon what is right; to a person, they give their allegiance to evil. This is the reason that the benevolent deities have abandoned the nation and departed together, that sages leave and do not return. And in their stead devils and demons come, and disasters and calamities occur. I cannot keep silent on this matter. I cannot suppress my fears."

Nichren then cites the Golden Light Sutra [of course, referring to the Lotus Sutra]:

"The host said: There are numerous passages that could be cited and a wide variety of proofs. For example, in the Golden Light Sutra we read: “[The four heavenly kings said to the Buddha], ‘Though this sutra exists in the nation, its ruler has never allowed it to be propagated. In his heart he turns away from it, and he takes no pleasure in hearing its teachings. He neither makes offerings to it, honors it, nor praises it. Nor is he willing to honor or make offerings to the four kinds of Buddhists who embrace the sutra. In the end, he makes it impossible for us and the other countless heavenly beings who are our followers to hear this profound and wonderful teaching. He deprives us of the sweet dew of its words and cuts us off from the flow of the correct teaching, so that our majesty and strength are drained away. Thus the number of beings who occupy the evil paths increases, and the number who dwell in the human and heavenly realms decreases. People fall into the river of the sufferings of birth and death and turn their backs on the road to nirvana."

Yet, the advocates of Ikedaism council:

"Dr. Ikeda recalled Dewey's assertion that it is “the religious” rather than any specific religion that is of importance and noted that “the religious” is not a species of dogma, but rather a quality that can permeate experiences of many types, including those that are aesthetic, educative, and even political. It was in this connection that Dr. Ikeda associated the long-term viability of any form of religious expression with the degree to which it is capable of balancing and harmonizing internal and external forces in ways that promote positive social change." -- Larry Hickman

Nichiren then reiterates [and might well be speaking about the leaders of the Soka Gakkai such as Richard Yoshimachi, Virginia Straus, Mitch Bogen, Shirley Chandl, Jeff Farr, Masahiro Hagiya, Elizabeth King, Kevin Maher, Masao Yakota, Beth Zimmerman, and especially Daisaku Ikeda]: 

"...Outwardly they will seem to be wise and good, but within they will harbor greed and jealousy. [And when they are asked to preach the teachings, they will say nothing,] like Brahmans who have taken a vow of silence. They are not true monks—they merely have the appearance of monks. Consumed by their erroneous views, they slander the correct teaching.

When we look at the world in the light of these passages of scripture, we see that the situation is just as they describe it. If we do not admonish the evil priests, how can we hope to do good?"

Regarding the failed marriage of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

Is SGI "family revolution" the dissolution of marriage or was it their incorrect faith, weak practice, failure to follow mentor's guidance, or moral turpitude? Seems like it was moral turpitude if we are to believe Justin Bieber. Either way, the bottom line is, there is no actual proof in the Ikeda faith.